From the desk of Vice - Principal

Throwing a few word -
From the desk of Vice - Principal

An educational institution is really a centre of learning, a holy place to earn knowledge for building once own career. It is a site for mental growth and development. Teachers are the integral assets who act as ladder on which people used to step up. Teaching is a noble and dignified profession, based on devotion.
Renaissance Junior College one of the premier institution of secondary (higher) education located in the middle part of Nagaon Town that has been playing a vital role since its establishment in respect of imparting and expanding education among the teen - agers of the whole district.
This institution extends outstanding service with a view to building bright career of thousand of student. Our Endeavour is to provide all necessary amenities for earning knowledge as per student own choice in terms of low and considerate expense. Learning facility in all the three stream- Arts, Science and Commerce has been offered and students find no need of extra aid from private tuition. Class teacher's guide and method of teaching with skill is enough for thorough understanding about the themes and lessons of curriculum.
In our view, students mostly need regularity and sincerity and they should be attentive as well as laborious. They must abide by the rule and regulation of the institution. Caugineal friendly behavior to class mates, respect to the older and showing attention towards the younger ought to be basic and inherent nature of each and every student. Over and above due respect, regard and obedience to teachers are the necessary qualities to be rested with a student. Students should always be punctual.
Our humble request to guardians / parents and students to be alert and remain vigil against probable ill practice, unlawful activities that might be committed by their wards/children and abuse of time with bad companions. Minimum use of mobile phone and motor cycle can be adjust and adjudged as favorable and useful habit for building a brilliant career.
To welcome all youngsters who are going to or already have crossed the level of secondary education (HSLC) and desiring to acquire knowledge of higher secondary level we determined to extend our helping hands with a view to building their bright and brilliant careers in future life.

With regards & affection - 

Prof. Pabon Saikia
(Rtd. Associate Professor
Dept. of Zoology
Nowgong College)
Renaissance Jr. College
Nagaon : Assam